Ben Affleck’s ARGO


ARGO – Few days before the 2013 Academy Awards, I believe it’s only proper to review and pay tribute to one of last year’s best films. Under the direction of the Academy Award-winning screenwriter, Ben Affleck, Argo is a movie event everyone should watch. Every scene is exciting, every character is relevant and I have never witnessed a clean/flawless direction as such since Shindler’s List.

(Source: Moviefone) When militants seize control of the U.S. embassy in Tehran during the height of the Iranian Revolution, CIA agent Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) creates a fake Hollywood film production in order to rescue a group of American diplomats who have sought refuge at the home of the Canadian ambassador. As the six members of the embassy staff remain behind closed doors, armed militants conduct thorough searches of local homes, and kill anyone suspected of harboring the Americans. Realizing that it’s only a matter of time before the six are identified and taken hostage, Mendez offers a unique – yet potentially dangerous – solution: posing as a Canadian film producer, he will enter into Tehran under the precipice of scouting locations for an upcoming science fiction opus, gather up the refugees, pass them off as his crew at the airport, and fly out of Iran right under the militants’ noses. Shortly after touching down in Iran, however, Mendez contends with a few unexpected developments that threaten to erode the bond of trust he needs to establish with the refugees, and expose his deception. Meanwhile, even if they do manage to make it as far as the airport, government bureaucracy threatens to leave them hopelessly stranded in their most desperate hour. Alan Arkin, John Goodman, and Bryan Cranston co-star.

Apart from Affleck’s outstanding direction and acting as well, Alan Arkin is one of the film’s greatest asset hence his countless nominations as Best Supporting Actor. The screenplay was brilliant too – it is consistent, fluid and very honest, In movies like this, you need an honest storytelling, something that the audience can absorb there and then. The instantaneous connection between the story and the viewers needs to be established after the first 5 minutes and Argo certainly did that.

The rest of the technical elements were perfectly balanced and complemented really well. This is a clear attestation of how excellent Ben Affleck is as a director. Still shocked as to why the Oscars didn’t bother nominating him and chose to have David Russell instead – I mean Argo is far better than Silver Linings Playbook (with all due respect to Harvey Weinstein).

If you want to be amazed and be entertained by a serious type of film, Argo is the one. I would definitely watch it again and will forever be one of the best cinematic creations of all time,.