Henry Cavill’s IMMORTALS


IMMORTALS – I am not usually a fan of war-themed movies. Apart from Gladiator, I cannot think of anything else that I actually like within that genre. 300, I think, is a bit overrated so when I first saw this movie (in Youtube), I felt like they were just repeating the whole 300 film and giving it a slightly up-to-date twist in attempt to launch Henry Cavill as the next big screen superhero ahead of the Superman film in two years time. But the trailer grew on me. I found it quite exciting and interesting. I’ve always been a massive follower of Henry and Frieda Pinto so I believe that added to my overall anticipation of this motion picture. Few hours before I enter the cinema, I still wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing. I was with Dave, he’s so keen. I am not. I am looking forward to it but it wasn’t one of those I AM SOOOO EXCITED moments. We went in and the rest is history.


Immortals is more than the unnecessary exhibition of blood and violence. What I like the most about this film is the clarity in terms of its storyline. The way the plot was presented and mutilated in details was very impressive which has made every single scene relevant and worth watching for. As expected, the production value was outstanding. Flawless and beautiful – the costume design and art direction were commendable. It is really taking us back to years and years ago where the real event (if it is real) happened.


The acting were average though. It would have been a top Oscar contender if the lead cast were more popular than the ones who appeared in this film. I guess this is really a taster of Henry Cavill and what we should expect from him since he is now one of the biggest leading men in Hollywood. His performance and his acting skills is quite limited though. I cannot see him appearing in rom-coms or non-fictional movies. I find his overall aura, physique and delivery only suitable for period films like this and he’ll probably struggle should he come out of that zone and enter a completely different genre. Frieda Pinto was also a disappointment in terms of acting. I was expecting more from her but then again, the role didn’t suit her anyway. Luke Evans, on the other hand, was brilliant! His war scene in the end, I think, is the highlight of the film. He is very effective and convincing. The rest were okay. There were moments where Henry was amazing and there were times that he’s just your average joe.


All in all, it was a fantastic film. Putting aside the acting credits, I think this is one of the best films of 2011. In fact, this is 2nd or 3rd in my list. I would definitely buy the DVD when it comes out. Entertaining, engaging, interesting and visually appealing. Well done!