Reese Witherspoon’s THIS MEANS WAR


THIS MEANS WAR – I’m the happiest dude alive – seriously! I’ve always wanted to see this film and yesterday, I had a chance to sit down, grab a packet of sweets, ice cold water next to me, and watch this film. Not only that I really really admire Reese Witherspoon – I was also looking forward to see Chris Pine in a film – the last time I’ve watched a Pine-starrer was few years ago (Star Trek) which is, as you all know, spectacular. So watching this film has got to be the highlight of my weekend – I didn’t have any high hopes in terms of the quality of this movie – it is not an Oscar material and I think more than anything else, this film was after box-office success.


I love the storyline. I think this is one of those common plots but was given a refreshing twist. I like the CIA theme that was going on and that created a secondary level of interest. The action scenes were superb – it’s like watching a heavy action picture but in a way is very light, entertaining and not exhausting. The exchange of dialogues between Tom Hardy and Chris Pine is genius. I love how both character stands out and how each profile is highlighted accordingly. Tom Hardy was really good – his acting is subtle and very natural. Suits the role perfectly though would prefer to see Matt Damon in it instead. Chris Pine, on the other hand, never fail to amuse the audience with his charm, wit, very likeable image and his effortless approach to his rather complex role. Right from the start, I’ve wanted his character to end up with Reese’s and oh yeah – the chemistry is there – magical is the right word! His performance, just like the impact of the action scenes, is very light and yet remarkable. But as expected, the real meat of the film is Reese Witherspoon… flawless acting. The delivery is bang on, the projection is spotless, the emotion is real – it wasn’t a heavy drama but she smashed it. I adore the fact that their characters and their portrayals complemented really well – everyone left their own mark and that actually made the film really really good. It’s a breathe of fresh air!


I will definitely buy the DVD – there is no question about that! It’s one of those films that you’d watch over and over again. As I’ve said, Tom’s subtle acting is one but Chris and Reese’s chemistry just tops it all. Clever screenplay, excellent production, great performances – feel-good, funny, entertaining masterpiece – I love it!